April 9, 2010


- add to s.play opening (about agents)

- notes on top of CWT -- it's partial 

April 7, 2010

Here's where I am:

-  Three completed screenplays: ``i.d.,'' which is a dumb thriller, ``Chat,'' which is kind of a smart thriller but very dated (it was the first thing I wrote), and ``Inquest,'' a courtroom drama that made it to the quarterfinals of the Oscars amateur screenwriting competition a few years ago. I've stopped marketing them, but might make another push for ``Inquest'' and ``i.d.''

- One completed novel, ``The Electric Adventures of Alvin, Part 2,'' which is what I'd call erotic satire (and what others might call porn). No luck selling it, though I've had a few, um, nibbles, from agents. I'm considering recasting it with less sex and more social commentary and see if that works. The structure of the thing is cool, a story told through random scattered files from the protagonist's computer.

- One half-completed novel, ``Creamy White Thighs,'' political satire set in the Illinois state capitol pressroom. Loosely based on the Baby Richard case (judge makes an unpopular ruling in an adoption case, the public is furious, the Legislature can't impeach him for the ruling, so they try to impeach him for a traffic violation). I've been working on it, and off, for years, and I've recently decided it needs to be a eulogy to newspapers. I'm shifting the setting to just before 9/11, and am going to fold a young Obama into the edges of the story

 - The first chapter of another novel, working titled ``The Tenant,'' social satire about a middle-class landlord who is forced by circumstances to move into a low-rent apartment house that he owns.

Fiction Notebook

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The Electric Adventures of Alvin, Part 2 (complete)

Creamy White Thighs (partial)

The Tenant (Chapter 1)



Inquest (complete)

i.d. (complete)

Chat (complete)



Falling (short story - complete)

Keyhole (screenplay treatment)



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